Make your Business a part of the Orange Community



    An interconnected city within the city with owners, visitors and a big management group to ensure high activity in the area

    A well developed maintenance team to support your business and its operations

    No location is further than 30 minutes from the airport!

    Current occupancy rate at 90% in the retail division

    Option of fully furnished offices upon request!

The New Nordic Orange Villages are the perfect starting point for small to mid-size companies. By becoming a part of our community you use the orange support system with IT experts, engineers and maintenance workers, as well as becoming a part of a high-activity area with a big number of visitors. Here are our main destinations.

Pattaya ( Thailand )


    More than 20 residence buildings around Pratamnak Soi 4 and Soi 5 which is managed by New Nordic Group

    More than 10 upcoming projects including Shopping Center, Fitness, Spa and Luxury Project.

    More than 1,000 guests who visit our community a day

    We provide a professional service in Maintenance, Housekeeping, Information Technology, Cable TV, Telephone and All utilities.

    Only 5 minutes from Central Pattaya.

Koh Samui ( Thailand )


    Located at the center of the town of Lamai, which is the second largest town on the island.

    More than 4 buildings which is under construction

    More than 3 upcoming projects including a Water World and a Luxury Project.

    500 expected residents per day in our project

    Scheduled to open on 1Q of 2018

Chumphon ( Thailand )


    Located Coral Beach in the Chum Kho, Pathio, 5 km from Chumphon Airport.

    More than 4 upcoming condominium buildings, which will create an all-inclusive resort in this up and coming area.

    More 10 space spaces which is for rent.

    Scheduled to open on 1Q of 2018

Contact our retail team for more information about our upcoming retail and corporate spaces.

We will arrange a viewing for you and your business upon request!