New Nordic Property

Developing holiday villages throughout South East Asia
The New Nordic Group is a highly diversified corperation focusing on real estate, property development, resort management, restaurant development and retail, with branches in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Norway. The vision of the Group is to create all-inclusive holiday villages for the owners and customers to enjoy the best of what South Eastern Asia has to offer. Our corporate head office is located in Hong Kong.
The New Nordic Group’s flagship operations is property development and real estate, with the vision of developing all-inclusive holiday villages across South Eastern Asia and Europe. The Group currently has more than more than 70 projects in Thailand alone, with projects in Indonesia and Cambodia being launched this year. The Group is known for its commitment to quality construction and support throughout the whole purchase process from our diverse sales team.
Why New Nordic?

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>We always keep the apartment as our main focus</span></h4>
At the New Nordic Group we have a wide range of different investment offers, from our rental guarantee to the cash back option. However, we never lose track of what is the most important: the unit itself. Our main concern is always to deliver high quality buildings with good construction work at its core. Because of this New Nordic has been working with the same construction company since the start up, which means that they are always on site and still very much connected to the project. As a result of this close cooperation, we are also able to finish our buildings within the said construction period with very few exceptions.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>We keep it real</span></h4>
New Nordic is one of the few developers that never spend a lot of time and money on show rooms, big banners and fancy parties. We would rather like to spend the money on the buildings itself, to make sure you get the best possible unit delivered at the end of the construction period.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>We believe that it should be easy to purchase a unit</span></h4>
New Nordic believes that by making it easy for our customers to invest, we make it easy for ourselves. We therefore do everything we can to make the process of purchasing as simple as possible, while at the same time ensuring that everything is handled in a professional and correct manner. As a part of this, the New Nordic Group and our agents all operate with the same set of prices to make sure that you can use your preferred agent without having to worry about what is the cheaper option.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>We believe that communication is key</span></h4>
We want you to feel as a part of the project and that you always get feedback on what is happening with your unit. We therefore send out weekly newsletters and construction updates from all our projects.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>We believe in communities</span></h4>
When we create a project, we do not only create a unit and a bed – we want to create a community. When purchasing a unit with us you become a part of this orange community, with 24-hours information desks always on standby, a team of engineers ready to assist if you experience any problems, a dedicated IT team providing you with the newest IT services and gardeners taking care of the common facilities.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>We do not only depend on one market</span></h4>
New Nordic has been paying our customers they rental guarantee on time every month since the start up (only with a few days delay in case of Thai holidays and Sundays when the banks are closed). New Nordic has 7 resorts in Pratumnak alone, all focusing on different market segments and types of customers. We also have sales teams for our accommodation department located in Bangkok, Pattaya and Norway. This way, we are not vulnerable to the economy of one country, the travel patterns of some type of customers or the performance of a few key staff.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>We want to give our customers a wide range of options</span></h4>
We understand that all people are different, and are interested in different types of units, interior and concepts. We therefore offer our customers concepts in different locations and also projects of different style from the VIP projects such as Castle and Palace to the spacious villas in Chumphon.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>We always have your back</span></h4>
Over the years New Nordic has developed a strong apparatus of people from different backgrounds and nationalities. Thai and foreigners are working together every single day to make sure that we have a strong team across our different departments, ranging from accommodation and food & beverage to IT, designing and New Nordic transport. We even have our own legal department!


The Team

The New Nordic Group’s Sales & Development department is separated into several independent, yet interconnected, divisions working together to ensure the highest standard and best customer service possible. The team is separated into the following sections:


<span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>New Nordic Admin Office:</span> The New Nordic head office is the key for drafting all contracts and payments for the company. This is where our admin personnel, lawyers and accountants are based.


<span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>New Nordic Sales Offices:</span> The New Nordic Sales Offices are administrated through one main function to ensure that you always recognize a New Nordic Group office when you see one. They also work to ensure all our customers get regular updates and all needed information from all locations.


<span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>New Nordic Sales Division:</span> The New Nordic Group has its own sales division with professional sales personnel ensuring that our agents and customers get the assistance they need throughout the sales process.


<span style=”color: #f58634;”><span style=”font-family: dakota;”>New Nordic Project Development</span>:</span> Our team of architects, designers and engineers are working under our project development division drafting all plans and drawings for coming projects, as well as closely monitoring all construction sites.


<span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>New Nordic Retail:</span> The Retail Division coordinates all contracts for our retail spaces, by assisting existing Tenants and reaching out to new potential Tenants that will increase our owners’ experience and services in our holiday villages.


<span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>New Nordic Investment:</span> Our team of financial experts works to ensure we can give our customers the best returns on their investments, as well as evaluating new projects and opportunities for the Group.


Investment Offers

The New Nordic Group would like to facilitate good options for those who would like to invest in a holiday home, but who are not ready to move in immediately. We therefore offer to rent the apartment back from you, while you can enjoy good returns.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>Pool</span></h4>
The New Nordic Group offers a special pool scheme for investors who would like to stay in their apartment for a few weeks per year, but would like the New Nordic management team to administrate the rent of the apartment for the remaining parts of the year. With our New Nordic Residences team we will take care of your Tenants for you, and you can enjoy the returns of the rental income at the end of the year.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>10% Cash Back</span></h4>
The New Nordic Group is offering a special incentive for those who pay in full right away. If you pay the full purchase price of the apartment, we will offer you 10% of the purchase price yearly, paid monthly as our “cash back option”.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>10% Rental Guarantee</span></h4>
Over the years, the New Nordic Group has developed divisions with sales & marketing, retail, hospitality and resort management, engineering and maintenance and travel agencies.
We therefore think that we can rent out your apartment for a better value and for less cost than you can on your own. As a result, we offer our owners to lease the apartment back to us for the New Nordic Group to operate it for a set period of time – good business for us and good business for you! The rental guarantee period is defined per project, ranging from 10 to 20 years!

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>Finance Option</span></h4>
We understand that some individuals are looking to invest in a holiday home, but do not necessarily have the funds at hand. In selected projects we offer to fund half of the purchase price from the rental guarantee. Contact our sales offices for more details!


Stay Connected

We understand that it is important to follow the developments and progress of your unit, even when you are many miles away. The New Nordic Group has therefore many functions in place to make sure you are always updated on the latest happenings!

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>Weekly News</span></h4>
The New Nordic Sales & Development team sends out weekly newsletters to all owners with the latest updates from the Group and all its divisions. Here you can follow the construction updates, but also new ventures for the Group and happenings in other divisions such as our restaurants, travel agencies and hospitality business.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>Construction Updates</span></h4>
As an owner, you will receive weekly updates from your specific project with pictures from the construction site.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>CCTV Cameras</span></h4>
Owners in our projects can also connect to our CCTV camera service to always be able to log on and see what is happening on the ground.

<h4><span style=”color: #f58634; font-family: dakota;”>Our Projects</span></h4>
The New Nordic Group develops projects across South Eastern Asia. Since the company started up in Thailand, it has now expanded beyond the borders of the country and is currently also established in Indonesia and Cambodia.


Our Projects

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Our Team

Sirinapa Jorgratoke

Sirinapa Jorgratoke

General Manager

Sirinapa Jorgratoke (Nuna) leads the head admin office of the New Nordic Group with her lawyer and accounting team.

Jan Nuijten

Jan Nuijten

Senior Sales Manager

Jan Nuijen leads the sales and agency division of the New Nordic Group. With a background in politics and marketing, Nuijten has more than 10 years of experience from the property and investment sector in Thailand.

Tom Stenshavn

Tom Stenshavn

Senior Sales Offices Manager

Tom Stenshavn leads the sales offices & marketing division of the New Nordic Group. Working his whole professional career in sales, Stenshavn moved to Thailand 17 years ago where he set up his own service and marketing company.